As you will have guessed from Walking in between, I decided to take a few days to let the wind, sand and waves leach the last few months into a new order, and to let the sun melt my bones.  Lots to eat, read and better yet kilometres of beach for walking meditation.

One should be precise in the use of language and I did deliberately use the word “leach” hoping the stress and sadness would drain away.
One thanks the weather goddess for making real with adroit precision one’s desire to be leached, cleansed and washed.
One however wishes with due deference to point out that it was meant as a metaphor.
Within half an hour of standing in bright sunlight and expressing a desire to be leached, I was buffeted by a squall.  Three guys raced past on kite boards, riding on the tops of great smashing waves, flying with the wind.  I gazed seaward facing into the wind and stinging rain.  Within moments I was utterly drenched, but smiling under a full rainbow.  One cannot complain if the goddess is feeling literal, and your rainbow, well then I knew.
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Walking in between

Peregian Shore
Peregian Shore, Qld Australia

I love walking along the beach between ankle and knee deep: although I always get wet well above that!

In the late afternoon the sun dips toward the dunes which rise like a dark wall inland, and it’s last rays just skim across above my head and highlight the very tops of the huge waves way out as they just start breaking in shiny white frothy majesty. And there I walk in the darkening, spray filled tunnel between silent walls of darkness and crashing dynamic walls of light tipped waters. Walls keeping the world at bay.

Walking in the liminal, betwixt, between, out of time. Surrounded, cocooned and safe.

I feel like I could walk forever.