Absolutely Wendy

my photoMany years ago I phoned a colleague in Mumbai and after many failed attempts to get a line I finally connected and asked, “Could I speak to Mr Sharma please?” And down the crackling line his assistant deferred, “Mr Sharma is currently out of station Madam, please call again.” I smiled at the idiosyncrasy, called again later and some weeks after made my first trip to India, my first trip out of station.  I was nervous about going, but a dear friend observed, “You like people. There are a lot of people in India. You’ll be fine.” He was right, and India has been my preferred station ever since.

In so many ways we are a confluence of being. I believe we find ourselves, we experience our identity, as a nexus of relationships and experiences: we are the living, breathing manifestations of everything we see, feel and choose.  And so in everyday we are always coming home to our new selves, our journey is never over, our being is never finished.  So you’ll get to know me best by the posts I share rather than a static description I post about me here. I hope you can make the time to sit and listen to my posts, be patient with my non-harmonised views and be open to parallel truths. I hope some of my thoughts will open doors to new thoughts for you.  Together we can look for new nodes and confluences of spirit, as we step bravely into the interstices, the space, the emptiness where we find divinity and sacred meaning.

My relationships are simple and complex: I am daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, friend and lover. My experiences are rich and diverse: I have been an engineer, a manager, a traveller, drunk at times, and now I am a student again following my dream to be an anthropologist and immerse myself in the people and traditions of the world.  While I am Australian by birth, I am Indian in spirit, Woman in earthiness and above all Human in heart.

Thoughts and travel, watching, listening, reading and singing, eating and laughing… these are many of the things I hope to share with you as we journey home together, and venture out of station.

Places I've been

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