West End Girls

Well I’ve been back in Brisbane for more than 6 weeks and I promised to show you around, so here we go. Saturday morning’s in Brisbane, down by the river, crowded around a rugby field, under the old fig trees and umbrellas gathers a little utopia – West End Market. For the last couple of weeks the Jacarandas have added a uniquely Brisbane purple hue to the multicultural, sensory riot.

Soundtrack: West End Girls, The Pet Shop Boys 
Sorry can’t help it, whenever I think of West End that pops into my head

We all know I love a market with plenty of berries and food, and coffee! And loads of live music to drown out thoughts of those New Romantics. Although if you want Romantic, Gypsy Vardo’s Love Potion coffee’s can’t be beaten.

It’s all good and organic, fresh from farmer to you, and plenty of pharts in those lentils if you get the wrong end of the pineapple. Continue reading “West End Girls”