West End Girls

Well I’ve been back in Brisbane for more than 6 weeks and I promised to show you around, so here we go. Saturday morning’s in Brisbane, down by the river, crowded around a rugby field, under the old fig trees and umbrellas gathers a little utopia – West End Market. For the last couple of weeks the Jacarandas have added a uniquely Brisbane purple hue to the multicultural, sensory riot.

Soundtrack: West End Girls, The Pet Shop Boys 
Sorry can’t help it, whenever I think of West End that pops into my head

We all know I love a market with plenty of berries and food, and coffee! And loads of live music to drown out thoughts of those New Romantics. Although if you want Romantic, Gypsy Vardo’s Love Potion coffee’s can’t be beaten.

It’s all good and organic, fresh from farmer to you, and plenty of pharts in those lentils if you get the wrong end of the pineapple. Continue reading “West End Girls”

A high point: The High Line

In all the agony of New York, I loved The High Line. It’s a former elevated rail spur that has been converted into a fabulous urban garden. Should have stayed up there for hours. And it’s where I found the best coffee that I drank in New York.

And a bee and I found each other not too far from a pair of water towers. No wonder I was happy. Continue reading “A high point: The High Line”

New York… is it me?

There’s an old guy sitting on his walking frame, no not next to me and no he’s not making love to a tonic and gin, although to be honest I can’t speak to what’s in his flask, anyway he’s sitting on the Arthur W Stickland triangle and he’s feeding the pigeons. Looks like he could use a decent meal himself. Wonder what Art did to get himself a garden triangle? The cafe I’m in is playing 1920’s jazz, and the living is easy… sorry I may run out of lyric puns eventually, or maybe not. I’m sitting here with an Argentinian Malbec watching the world go by, waiting for my soul to find me. She’s lost between the moon and New York city, I know it’s crazy, but it’s true. Oh god I’m tragic. 

Coffee – Olimpico Style

Seriously, there is only one place in the world for coffee. Coffee and bagels. OMG bagels from Saint Viateur the 24 hour bagel shop – poppy seed, flax seed, rosemary, and the cinnamon and raisin! With cream cheese. With lox (smoked salmon). Coffee and babka. Babka, chocolate bread, baby babka, and cakes all from the Jewish cake shop Boulangerie Cheskie’s open till 11pm, busiest time 10pm. Coffee. Espresso. Latte. Cortado. Macchiato. Coffee and biscotti. Iced Coffee. Affogato. Coffee and cannoli. Coffee and football. Inside or outside. Day or late night. Oh and coffee and people watching. Lots of people watching – even people pretending to talk to their dogs to people watch!


Perfect breakfast, with a well turned out ankle…IMG_3536A two coffee day – one hot, one cold    IMG_3561

Late night coffee munchies

I have drunk rather a lot of coffee.