And again, it’s time to go

Soundtrack, Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, although I would prefer Debussy

Woke up this morning to rain. Gave some shoes and clothes, a towel and a yogurt to a terribly thin homeless lady. On le bus the Eiffel Tower was shrouded in cloud. My 10 days in Paris are at an end and I’m leaving on a jet plane. For in-flight entertainment I’ll be reading Anne’s House of Dreams… know where I’m going? Continue reading “And again, it’s time to go”

Top 10 day: Montmartre I’m pinching myself

I didn’t go to Montmartre 19 years ago so it was locked in for today come rain, hail or shine. Thankfully there was no hail and only a few spots of rain. Seriously, I can’t wipe the smile off my face, it was one of the best days ever. Last night I downloaded a self guided walking tour to my phone – it recommended going in reverse. Catch the metro to the “top” and walk down to avoid the crowds, stairs, pick pockets. Seemed good to me. Well total win. Total win. Pinching myself.

So after exiting the metro there was still a bit of a climb up a few stairs to Place Dalida – sorry I’d never heard of her, but apparently she was a famous singer.

Around the corner was my first glimpse of Sacré-Cœur and just a short walk to sustenance and a great coffee in the Pink House!

The guide I’d downloaded really underplayed the museum up the road -Musée de Montmartre – it did not encourage you to go at all. Well I think it is a total MUST. It is in Renoir’s house. The gardens are special, the architecture just perfect. Look at that pear tree! I was in heaven. Nearly went to heaven as I fell off the swing – not pictured!

And inside is the most amazing art. Floors and floors of it. Just breathtaking.


Some close ups from that one:

I could have stayed for hours. Sorry about the reflections on some of the photos, very hard to photograph paintings through glass without that happening.

But there were many steps to be taken so I dragged myself away to walk past the vineyard (apparently the wine is terrible but is sold for charity and raises a fortune because of the association). Just look at those grapes under the netting!

Below the vineyard was an early cabaret – Au Lapin Agile. Love the painting. I wonder how many hungry artists paid for their dinner in art?

Having wandered with the (sinning) artists it was time to head a little higher up the hill and visit the saints. Well that sounds like a good story, but the truth is that I didn’t go in and I had to go up there to get to the far side and start my descent! Continue reading “Top 10 day: Montmartre I’m pinching myself”

That tower!

It wouldn’t be a trip to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower, so I walked there after class on Monday. It’s so pretty.

Will get you a picture of the full sized Statue of Liberty next weekend.


Just along from the Eiffel Tower is a full sized gold replica of the flame from the Statue of Liberty. It’s a memorial on the site of the accident that killed Diana Princess of Wales. Her death is one of those moments in life when I will never forget where I was when I heard the news; tragic, poignant, life I guess.



Monet’s Sunday is worth the wait

So Sunday arrived and I actually got to get on the bus to Giverny and Monet’s Garden and House. Oh WOW it was certainly worth the wait. What a blessed gift, and not just how you’d think.

Along with several hundred close friends (physically at least) we arrived in Monet’s water garden. Hmmm, I struggled. I am a woman not gifted with patience, and what I have I’ve earned painfully. I count it credit to those lessons that I did not punch anyone. Nor did I push anyone into the water. It does not count that I wanted to.

I also felt odd for the water. So constrained. So controlled and limited, directed between walls of bamboo. I was unquiet.

Of course it was beautiful, and atmospheric under the clouds. Did I mention that I love French clouds? I just felt so unlike how I feel when I’m immersed in Monet’s paintings.


Still feeling odd I determinedly pushed my way around every step of path! Stubborn? Moi? I was that nutter woman. I talked to the flowers. I wanted them to know that I saw them as equal subjects, that I was not reducing them to flat objects of entertainment, an attitude which I angrily attributed to others. Commodities placed to be consumed I wanted to restore them their living-ness. Their independence of the possessing gaze. Continue reading “Monet’s Sunday is worth the wait”

Got up Saturday, thought it was Sunday

Well I got up Saturday all in a rush to get to the pick up point for my trip to Monet’s Garden. Arrived at the tourisme office, checked in… and was told I was a day early. Doh. So I thought I’d take a bit of a stroll since I was up and about. I eventually got back to the apartment 13 km later.

img_3987First stop was the outside of the Palace of the Louvre, which of course is now a museum, one of the largest in the world I’m told. Just a short perambulation through 22km of galleries. No I didn’t go in, it’s funny I don’t seem so much to want to go inside. Not even to use the metro. I’m happy outside in the sun walking and walking and watching and walking. And stopping to drink expensive Perrier while watching… people as well as cool clouds, I do like the clouds.

And I like the glass pyramid.

Then it was a walk along memory lane, also known as Rue de Rivoli to see the hotel I stayed in 19 years ago (and couldn’t afford now) and to have brunch (is it still brunch at 3pm?) and hot chocolate at Angelina’s. Continue reading “Got up Saturday, thought it was Sunday”

Arrived in Paris, walked around the block

Apologies for the delay posting these arrival photos. I arrived in Paris on Friday morning and easily made my way to my tiny apartment in Rue Rambuteau. Totally amazing location, so much just in my street! From history to cake to books and wine bars. Great choice for somewhere to stay, albeit tiny, I’m mean it’s a really seriously tiny apartment.

Oh the building up above is just labelled *Paris on my map, so I’m assuming it’s the mayoral building or GPO or such like.

One must have nice papers hatched by flamingos, and the opportunity to acquire a blue dress with white polka-dots when one is studying philosophy.

The two horizontal shots are of the museum of the national archive. The tall photo is of the central courtyard of the building in which I have an apartment. But no such luxury windows for me, my windows allow ventilation and open onto a shaft maybe 4×4 m in cross section. There is no audio-privacy here. Continue reading “Arrived in Paris, walked around the block”