And again, it’s time to go

Soundtrack, Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, although I would prefer Debussy

Woke up this morning to rain. Gave some shoes and clothes, a towel and a yogurt to a terribly thin homeless lady. On le bus the Eiffel Tower was shrouded in cloud. My 10 days in Paris are at an end and I’m leaving on a jet plane. For in-flight entertainment I’ll be reading Anne’s House of Dreams… know where I’m going? Continue reading “And again, it’s time to go”

That tower!

It wouldn’t be a trip to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower, so I walked there after class on Monday. It’s so pretty.

Will get you a picture of the full sized Statue of Liberty next weekend.


Just along from the Eiffel Tower is a full sized gold replica of the flame from the Statue of Liberty. It’s a memorial on the site of the accident that killed Diana Princess of Wales. Her death is one of those moments in life when I will never forget where I was when I heard the news; tragic, poignant, life I guess.



Got up Saturday, thought it was Sunday

Well I got up Saturday all in a rush to get to the pick up point for my trip to Monet’s Garden. Arrived at the tourisme office, checked in… and was told I was a day early. Doh. So I thought I’d take a bit of a stroll since I was up and about. I eventually got back to the apartment 13 km later.

img_3987First stop was the outside of the Palace of the Louvre, which of course is now a museum, one of the largest in the world I’m told. Just a short perambulation through 22km of galleries. No I didn’t go in, it’s funny I don’t seem so much to want to go inside. Not even to use the metro. I’m happy outside in the sun walking and walking and watching and walking. And stopping to drink expensive Perrier while watching… people as well as cool clouds, I do like the clouds.

And I like the glass pyramid.

Then it was a walk along memory lane, also known as Rue de Rivoli to see the hotel I stayed in 19 years ago (and couldn’t afford now) and to have brunch (is it still brunch at 3pm?) and hot chocolate at Angelina’s. Continue reading “Got up Saturday, thought it was Sunday”