Top 10 day: Montmartre I’m pinching myself

I didn’t go to Montmartre 19 years ago so it was locked in for today come rain, hail or shine. Thankfully there was no hail and only a few spots of rain. Seriously, I can’t wipe the smile off my face, it was one of the best days ever. Last night I downloaded a self guided walking tour to my phone – it recommended going in reverse. Catch the metro to the “top” and walk down to avoid the crowds, stairs, pick pockets. Seemed good to me. Well total win. Total win. Pinching myself.

So after exiting the metro there was still a bit of a climb up a few stairs to Place Dalida – sorry I’d never heard of her, but apparently she was a famous singer.

Around the corner was my first glimpse of Sacré-Cœur and just a short walk to sustenance and a great coffee in the Pink House!

The guide I’d downloaded really underplayed the museum up the road -Musée de Montmartre – it did not encourage you to go at all. Well I think it is a total MUST. It is in Renoir’s house. The gardens are special, the architecture just perfect. Look at that pear tree! I was in heaven. Nearly went to heaven as I fell off the swing – not pictured!

And inside is the most amazing art. Floors and floors of it. Just breathtaking.


Some close ups from that one:

I could have stayed for hours. Sorry about the reflections on some of the photos, very hard to photograph paintings through glass without that happening.

But there were many steps to be taken so I dragged myself away to walk past the vineyard (apparently the wine is terrible but is sold for charity and raises a fortune because of the association). Just look at those grapes under the netting!

Below the vineyard was an early cabaret – Au Lapin Agile. Love the painting. I wonder how many hungry artists paid for their dinner in art?

Having wandered with the (sinning) artists it was time to head a little higher up the hill and visit the saints. Well that sounds like a good story, but the truth is that I didn’t go in and I had to go up there to get to the far side and start my descent! Continue reading “Top 10 day: Montmartre I’m pinching myself”