Walking in between

Peregian Shore
Peregian Shore, Qld Australia

I love walking along the beach between ankle and knee deep: although I always get wet well above that!

In the late afternoon the sun dips toward the dunes which rise like a dark wall inland, and it’s last rays just skim across above my head and highlight the very tops of the huge waves way out as they just start breaking in shiny white frothy majesty. And there I walk in the darkening, spray filled tunnel between silent walls of darkness and crashing dynamic walls of light tipped waters. Walls keeping the world at bay.

Walking in the liminal, betwixt, between, out of time. Surrounded, cocooned and safe.

I feel like I could walk forever.

Author: Wendy's Out of Station

I write as a way of processing and reflecting on experience, and as a way of sharing that experience. When I travel I used to write email journals back to friends, family, anyone who’d read and risk immersing themselves in my reality for a while: writing for them was a way of writing for me. Borrowing from Graham Greene in a flip of Travels with my Aunt, I imagined writing letters to my nieces, as their travelling aunt. Crafting the sentences became a way of extruding the experience, giving it birth, drawing its meaning from my soul, nurturing it into something tangible with a life of its own. The aim of my blog is to open the world to my thought-children, to let them out of the safety of my friends and family and let them experience the world. And in the process I get the honour of taking a larger group with me when I’m wandering around India and beyond, or just reflecting on parallel truths, thinking thoughts that take me to new places new beginnings. Please journey with me

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