Scraping the Sky – Spires around Mile End, and beyond

Soundtrack: Kodaly Missa Brevis

As I probably told you before in Montreal there’s a law that nothing can be higher in the sky than Saint Joseph’s Oratory, Stairway to knowledge A Turkish Muslim, a Canadian Hindu and an Australian agnostic go into a Catholic Basilica. So you can see in this pic from Belvédère Kondiaronk, Mont-Royal that the downtown sky-scrapers don’t so much scrape as graze.


Well I think there must also be a height restriction for buildings in the suburbs as well, and that church spires get an exemption.

As I’ve been walking around for the last nearly 3 months I seem to have photographed a lot of church spires. Not only in Mile End, also Little Italy, Sherbrooke, Côte-des-Neiges, and Downtown. Didn’t pay any attention to denomination or such, just took pictures of people straining to reach their god. So here’s my collection of church spire architecture, Montreal style!

I guess we have to start with la Basilique Notre-Dame, I am hoping to go back for a Sunday night organ concert so stay tuned for that one.


These are some random local churches. Oh the bells! I will miss the church bells on all days of the week, at all different times. So peaceful and centring. Continue reading “Scraping the Sky – Spires around Mile End, and beyond”