Scraping the Sky – Spires around Mile End, and beyond

Soundtrack: Kodaly Missa Brevis

As I probably told you before in Montreal there’s a law that nothing can be higher in the sky than Saint Joseph’s Oratory, Stairway to knowledge A Turkish Muslim, a Canadian Hindu and an Australian agnostic go into a Catholic Basilica. So you can see in this pic from Belvédère Kondiaronk, Mont-Royal that the downtown sky-scrapers don’t so much scrape as graze.


Well I think there must also be a height restriction for buildings in the suburbs as well, and that church spires get an exemption.

As I’ve been walking around for the last nearly 3 months I seem to have photographed a lot of church spires. Not only in Mile End, also Little Italy, Sherbrooke, Côte-des-Neiges, and Downtown. Didn’t pay any attention to denomination or such, just took pictures of people straining to reach their god. So here’s my collection of church spire architecture, Montreal style!

I guess we have to start with la Basilique Notre-Dame, I am hoping to go back for a Sunday night organ concert so stay tuned for that one.


These are some random local churches. Oh the bells! I will miss the church bells on all days of the week, at all different times. So peaceful and centring.

This one’s for Buffy and Spike!


And of course there was Saint Joseph’s Oratory


Which sits just alongside Saint Andre’s little chapel where the healed leave their walking sticks and crutches.


But my favourite is the Italian church near Coffee – Olimpico Style where as we all know I’m a regular for the best coffee in the world. And it’s opposite my laundry! I seem to stop at the same red light quite a bit hey. Never went inside, wonder what the light from that huge window would be like in there.

a IMG_2819

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One thought on “Scraping the Sky – Spires around Mile End, and beyond”

  1. Religious buildings are a constant struggle for me. As a tradesman I marvel at the craftsmanship and detail. As a unionist I wonder how much the tradesman were paid for often dangerous work. As an Atheist I wonder what was the point.


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