Laneway Life

Recently I advised a friend visiting Melbourne to take a wander through the laneways that make up so much of the quirky eating culture of this incredible city. So, since I’m here I thought I’d do the walk I recommended, getting off the tram at Federation Square opposite Flinders St Station. I do love Fed Square, thriving with people coming and going, flags flapping, all corners and nooks and crannies, but it does look a bit like Italian designer luggage that’s been around the baggage carousel one time to many. This time I didn’t go into the Ian Potter Gallery, or into the Centre for the Moving Image, both of which are amazing cultural resources. Instead I crossed over to the Young and Jackson’s corner and headed west down Flinders St. Of course Melbourne aficionados will tell you I should have gone upstairs in Young and Jacksons for a drink with Chloe, and it was about lunch-time, but well, once you’ve seen one Brazilian it’s appropriate to keep your blog PG rated.


So, down and right into Degraves St. I’ve loved it for years since it was dodgey and dirty, and a way out of Flinders St Station to avoid both crowds and rain. Used to be quite the challenge to work out how to get to work zigzagging through laneways to avoid getting wet. Now it’s the scene for street cafe’s and some pretty unique shops. Including one specialising in hand made Italian paper and ink pens. Continue reading “Laneway Life”