Visiting Anne

Apologies for the delay in posting about my visits to several things Anne of Green Gables this last week – as you will see there are rather a lot of photos! I started off on Monday with a walk around Charlottetown, looking at some of the wonderful houses. The parlour is from the B&B I stayed in, The Shipwright Inn, which I would certainly recommend.

Then in the afternoon I drove west toward the area where Lucy Maud Montgomery lived her life, and the setting of the Anne of Green Gables novels. The countryside was simply magnificent. You can see how it was so inspiring for her.

On Tuesday it was again overcast but undeterred I set off to the Preserves Company (amazing preserves sadly in heavy glass jars), only to discover that on their grounds are the Gardens of Hope, a beautiful setting created to assist people in palliative care. While not strictly Anne content, I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I did.

Apple trees always make me think of Green Gables.

From there I drove under threatening skies to the site of the house of LM Montgomery’s grandparents where she lived after her mother died. From that site you walk across to the Anne of Green Gables house.

After crossing the new highway, you enter the Haunted Wood trail. I was so glad it was a gloomy day with a light mist. It made the whole experience so atmospheric, damp certainly, but eerie and Haunted. I could imagine how two young girls could easily scare themselves with stories told in its shadows and see shapes in its reaching branches.

After quite a way I caught my first glimpse of the Anne of Green Gables house.


The house was in existence at the time of LM Montgomery’s writing and she explained that it was the source of her inspiration for Green Gables. National Parks Canada now maintains the house and have sought to furnish it in accordance with the period, and where possible in line with the stories contained in the Anne of Green Gables books.

Downstairs first. Of course Matthew’s bedroom was downstairs as his rheumatism would not allow him to climb the stairs.

The kitchen with the type of stove mentioned in the books and uniquely Canadian.

And upstairs for bedrooms and a sewing room. It really was a very spacious home.

After visiting the house it was time to head down Lovers’ Lane.

img_4999And then on for about 2km through a lovely woodland along a stream. That was when the mist started getting substantially heavier, and I thought of my umbrella safely dry in my room.

I am very fond of moss it seems. Appropriate since I was soaked by the time I got back to the car.

Thankfully the sun was shining by the time later in the week that I visited the birthplace of LM Montgomery. It’s a lovely little house, beautifully maintained with lots of very special items, not all of which are period accurate, but none the less there is much love evident in its composition and the dedication of the volunteers.

I love the little blue house opposite, it’s so typical of the area and the period. Oh and the view over the fence is from the back of the house. Can you imagine waking up each day to see a copse like that and a view down to the inlet? But sadly Lucy only lived in the house until she was 21 months old. At that time her mother died of consumption and she went to live with her grandparents next to the Haunted Wood.

Later that afternoon I treated myself to High Tea in full Anne of Green Gables style, including New Moon Cake, which really was rather like lemon meringue pie. But you have to agree New Moon Cake sounds so much more romantic.

And that was the end of my Anne of Green Gables tour. It was just lovely, and very yummy. If you missed my other blogs on Prince Edward Island they were Prince Edward Island ~ Paradise really is beautiful and Where the earth reflects the sky, enjoy.

Author: Wendy's Out of Station

I write as a way of processing and reflecting on experience, and as a way of sharing that experience. When I travel I used to write email journals back to friends, family, anyone who’d read and risk immersing themselves in my reality for a while: writing for them was a way of writing for me. Borrowing from Graham Greene in a flip of Travels with my Aunt, I imagined writing letters to my nieces, as their travelling aunt. Crafting the sentences became a way of extruding the experience, giving it birth, drawing its meaning from my soul, nurturing it into something tangible with a life of its own. The aim of my blog is to open the world to my thought-children, to let them out of the safety of my friends and family and let them experience the world. And in the process I get the honour of taking a larger group with me when I’m wandering around India and beyond, or just reflecting on parallel truths, thinking thoughts that take me to new places new beginnings. Please journey with me

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