Prince Edward Island ~ Paradise really is beautiful

I really struggled with which picture to put at the top of this post, there are so many that I totally love… this was the runner up. It’s actually from the end of Tuesday, hence the atmospheric mist.


Did I make the right choice?

Late that afternoon, right before my lobster supper, the weather was so intense it was just perfect.

After being soaked to the skin on Tuesday, I was spoiled rotten on Wednesday and Thursday with glorious sunshine and the most amazing views of farm fields, ocean, inlets and a glorious walks. And I only accidentally drove on the wrong side of the road 3 times!!

This is such an intensely alive place, pretty sure I’ll be back. So Wednesday morning I headed East, right out to East Point at the tip of the Island. The drive took about 90 minutes through beautiful farmland.


The Island is a gentle place. Every bend in the road brought another magical postcard view, so it’s lucky I was alone, I just kept indicating, checking mirrors, pulling onto the verge, handbrake on car into P, jump out, take photo, back into the car, drive around a corner and repeat.

Probably doesn’t show in the pictures, but there are a lot, a serious lot, of oyster and mussel farms all along the norther coast. And lots of lobster pots!

Late afternoon Wednesday saw me at Greenwich walking through National Park for a couple of hours. It used to be farm land and has only been national park for 30 years or so.

The smell of the trees!

The dunes were amazing – in the shade they’re covered in Reindeer Moss which kind of looks like snow or sand until you get close and see it’s this delicate fluffy moss.

There was this brilliant floating boardwalk that meant I could walk right over the wetland and see the bird life and all the different reeds. And being weekday at the end of the season I pretty much had the place to myself.

That dune system is the reason this is a national park. Took me a while to see it, and I couldn’t make a photograph work, but the dune has formed a bowl, like a volcanic crater. Just sand and wind, but that inner bowl area is ridges of where the dune has spread and it’s home to some incredibly rare species of flora. Apparently. That’s what that sign on the bottom left said anyway, and why not. It was weird to look at once you realised you were looking at a sand crater.



And since the area had once been farmland there was this old apple tree that I came upon at the end of my walk. It was covered with tiny fruit, the ground littered with little red apples. The smell was so real and strong, just lovely. Made me realise how fake apple scent is just a million miles from the mark when you compare it to a real apple tree growing wild, laden with fruit, standing in the warm autumn afternoon sun.

On Thursday I had to leave New Glasgow and head back to Charlottetown in preparation for my early Friday flight back to Montreal. The day was beautiful so I decided not to rush and head a little further west. Apart from more “Anne” sites, the views continued to be just magic.

Crops seem to be corn and potato, some hay for winter feed. Beyond that I’m not a farmer. Oh there are pick your own berry farms. There weren’t a lot of cows or horses, I guess they have to winter in barns so heavy density animal farming would be expensive.

This was the third contender for the top picture, I just love those colours.img_5225

And that, ladies and gentlepersons is Prince Edward Island. A totally beautiful, natural wonder – everyone should consider coming here. And not just for the lobster, plentiful seafood, beer, gin and vodka, cheese, chips, preserves, ice cream, fudge…

Author: Wendy's Out of Station

I write as a way of processing and reflecting on experience, and as a way of sharing that experience. When I travel I used to write email journals back to friends, family, anyone who’d read and risk immersing themselves in my reality for a while: writing for them was a way of writing for me. Borrowing from Graham Greene in a flip of Travels with my Aunt, I imagined writing letters to my nieces, as their travelling aunt. Crafting the sentences became a way of extruding the experience, giving it birth, drawing its meaning from my soul, nurturing it into something tangible with a life of its own. The aim of my blog is to open the world to my thought-children, to let them out of the safety of my friends and family and let them experience the world. And in the process I get the honour of taking a larger group with me when I’m wandering around India and beyond, or just reflecting on parallel truths, thinking thoughts that take me to new places new beginnings. Please journey with me

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