La Fête Nationale

Well June 24th is Quebec’s national day. Don’t wear red they said. Don’t wear a Canadian cap they said. Wear blue. Try to speak French. Make sure you go downtown for the parade – it’s crazy! Oh wow.

I’m now home with a buzz of a headache but what a fabulous, fun, sunny day. Got a table out front of a bar. Made friends with the people at the next table. We got told off for moving the umbrella… oops. Generally had a riot of a time. Proceeded to eat and drink, well mostly drink, while Quebec celebrated in blue. What a brilliant day.

Bravo Québec, Merci



Finding sustenance in Montreal

I promise you that some reflections on my first week in Montreal will be burbling to the surface soon, but in the meantime I’ve been exploring the local area and found some food temptations I wanted to share… I did resist some, I promise.

(Hopefully as I get better at this I’ll learn how to put labels on the photographs. Until then, well I went to Jean-Talon Market for berries – lots of berries, to a boulangerie, a street bar called Majestique with 12″ hot dogs, a 24 hour bagel shop and pure smoked salmon pâté, Cafe Olimpico for Montreal’s best coffee, and a Jewish cake shop. Yum yum. Will have to take pictures of my next locally brewed beer – it’s been so hot I’ve been drinking it!)

Meat-free Montreal / Montréal sans viande — Zut Alors!

I’ve just discovered this blog by an Australian woman who has lived in Montreal for 4 years! Looks like I should have no trouble finding plenty of wonderful things to eat with my vegetarian guests in late June… and for me over the nearly four months I will be there. Yay, only 5 more sleeps

There’s a strange divide in Montreal’s dining scene: on one side a surprising number of vegetarian, even vegan, cafes and casual restos (the local, bilingual slang for restaurants), while with few exceptions anywhere that’s a bit fancy has almost nothing (or literally nothing) without meat, fish or seafood. There’s obviously a substantial population here that […]

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